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3 key steps for the perfect kitchen renovation

If you’ve found this article, it means you’re thinking about renovating your kitchen. Fantastic!

We’re here to help.  Firstly, let’s start broadly with what you would like from your kitchen.


  • A quick and effective way of increasing your property value
  • A more enjoyable space to prepare meals
  • A new entertaining area that can become the heart of your home
  • Or all of the above.

Now we’ve worked out what the end ‘result’ might be, let’s break it down so we can tackle this kitchen renovation methodically to deliver that perfect outcome.  Kitchen renovations can be complex, time consuming projects but here at Next Gen Interiors, we have decades of experience in delivering exceptional kitchens.  Here are are 3 key steps to get that WOW kitchen.

What problems are you solving?

We touched on this above but ultimately there’s a stimulus that has triggered you to want to take action on your kitchen.

Is there a lack of storage space?  Do you hate bending over to put food in the oven? Do you feel separated from the rest of the family? Do you just want a beautiful kitchen because yours is looking a little tired?

The reason is perfectly justified, it’s just important to know what the major problems are so that there are defined goal posts.


This is the fun part!  Take inspiration from magazines, Pinterest and wherever you find your content.  The more you see, the more you can begin to visualise what your space can look like.  Once you’ve got a general idea of the look and style you’re after, then start heading to kitchen showrooms, home opens and get a feel for the materials that you like.  We’re crossing from the intangible to the tangible here.  You can get feedback from showroom consultants, who have seen it a thousand times, to understand what works and what doesn’t.


Everyone likes the research part but planning is the bread and butter of this operation.  It will ensure a smooth and seamless process that leads to a kitchen that is perfect for you.

There’s a few key elements that you’ll need to decide on:

  • Layout
    • Is there an island bench?  Is it a U-shape?  Do walls need to be knocked out?  Working with the existing footprint is by far the easiest option but the layout is step 1.
  • Design
    • As it’s a renovation, consider the styling of your entire home.  We want the kitchen to impress but not stick out.  It needs to blend in seamlessly with your home.
  • Materials
    • The bench top is the key element here so you’ll need to decide if you want stone, timber or porcelain.  Solid or glass cabinet doors? Tiled, glass or stone splash back?  There are an endless amount of materials to choose from.
  • Appliances and Hardware
    • Are you keeping your old fridge and oven?  Do you want integrated appliances so they are concealed by beautiful cabinetry?  Would you like drawers or cabinets?
  • Storage
    • Maximise your space with clever solutions by innovative manufacturers.  No one has ever complained about having too much storage.
  • ….Budget
    • All the options above are influenced by budget. If there is no budget, then ignore this.  But in reality, there’s always some compromises that need to be made.  Working with an experienced company like Next Gen Interiors will work with you on your budget and show you how to get the absolute most from it.  We will show you opportunities to make smart savings as well as where good money should be spent to ensure an excellent outcome.

Working with a kitchen makeover specialist

Kitchens can be tackled by very experienced DIYers however they are best left to the professionals.  An efficient renovation process with the least inconvenience and the best outcome is what you pay the professionals for.  As mentioned above, a kitchen makeover specialist will stretch your budget effectively and offer direction about where money is best allocated.

A professional will not make amateur design mistakes that lead to poor kitchen flow and you won’t need to worry about common issues around plumbing, electrical and ventilation.

Doing a kitchen makeover should be a fantastic experience so if you would like to get started on your home, contact us today.

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