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Consider helping tenants fit out your space

Office fitouts can often be quite an expensive aspect of relocating or commencing a new business.  Knowing that, the easier an office fitout is for a potential tenant, the greater chance you’ll have of leasing that office space.
When tenants are looking at potential workplaces to move their business to, they are considering what is the cost for them to make sure the place is “work-ready”.  In today’s tighter markets, having a strong base fitout can be the difference between having your property tenanted and not.
Given the various potential tenants your office space might house, it’s impossible to have a perfect fitout for everyone.  Therefore, a strong base fitout would include modern and sleek kitchen and bathroom facilities and simple common areas.  It’s not worth trying to have reception desks and workstations built in as these needs are set to change, tenant to tenant.
As a landlord, you can also help your tenants make choices on how to best use the space available to them.  Working with us at Next Gen Interiors, we can be your industry guide on best practices and modern workspace designs so you can appear as a knowledgeable expert to your potential tenants.  We provide discounts and trade arrangements to repeat clients so if you have multiple locations that are ready to be tenanted, you can be sure you have the right fitout team on your side.
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