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How to Create a Healthy Workspace After COVID-19

With COVID-19 slowly passing (hopefully), many businesses are returning back to the office.  Self isolation is ending and people want to be back in the office!  However, we can’t just go straight back to how things were.  We need to adjust and adapt to our current cirumstances.

Office workspaces present fairly close quarters and businesses need to adjust accordingly to maintain healthy and safe environments for their staff.  The easiest way to encourage good behaviour is by using the physical world and as leaders in office fitout solutions, we’re here to share our tips and tricks to overcome these times together.


You hear it everywhere but it can’t be stressed enough.  Good hand washing and hygiene practices are key to ensuring workers are not a threat to each other and the wider community.  By placing sanitisation stations and bathrooms in convenient locations throughout your office, staff should be encouraged regularly to wash their hands.


Social distancing is considered the most effective way of reducing community transmission and office common areas are generally not designed to encourage distancing.  That being said, now is a better time than ever to consider a redesign of your common areas and workspace.  Partitions between desks, floor markings and directional thoroughfares are simple changes that can make a tremendous difference.  Different seating and desk options are available to encourage the appropriate distance are also something that we can assist with.

Mental health and morale

One of the biggest disruptions in history came and turned everything we know upside down.  More fear, more uncertainty and more pressures at home mean businesses need to really look after the health of their staff.  By encouraging regular check ins and providing a space that employees feel comfortable and safe is crucial in boosting morale.

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