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The Best Plants For An Office

Plants can transform your office completely; to make it more peaceful, engaging and tranquil.  Some people fear bringing a plant into their work environment as they don’t have the greenest of thumbs but fear not, we’ve put together a list of the best plants for your office.

At Next Gen Interiors, one of our key goals is to put the health and wellbeing of you and your staff first.  So not only will you get a burst of colour and vibrance in your office space, you will also feel better for it!

Air plants

Sometimes tricky to find, air plants can thrive in almost any situation.  All they need is fresh air and a soak of water whenever they’re looking a little down.

Snake Plant

The snake plant or comically known as mother in law’s tongue is super easy to grow and basically needs no maintenance.  Their are full-size and dwarf varieties so make sure you pick the right one for your space but both will get to work on improving your indoor air quality as they convert carbon dioxide into oxygen at night.

Peace Lily

Peace lilies have wide, broad, deep green leaves and grow beautiful white flowers that gave them their name. They are popular because they don’t need a lot of light (great for those darker offices) and they are very forgiving.

Peace lily plants are also known for cleaning the air, helping to remove toxins and create a nicer environment in which to work.  These plants work well for focal interest and screening.

Devil’s Ivy

The absolute lowest maintenance plant is Devil’s Ivy or The Golden Pothos.  They can grow in darkness and almost zero water – how great is that!  These plants grow beautiful vines and can drape over cabinets and other furniture to stimulate an office environment immediately.


While they can be placed wherever you like, the desk is just such a classic spot for a cactus. While they need bright, indirect sun, all this plant needs is a water now and again during summer and barely at all in winter.

For more information on how you can rework your office space and boost employee health and wellbeing, contact us today!

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