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Why you need collaborative areas in your workspace

Very few of the best ideas come from individuals.  It takes a team of brilliant individuals to bring an idea to life and the best work is done by the combined efforts of many people. It should come as no surprise that the most innovative companies in the world tend to foster this collaboration by creating fitouts in the workplace for people to come together.

Have a look at some of Next Gen Interiors recent works including collaborative spaces.

What exactly is a collaborative space?

Quite simply, it’s a workspace that brings people together to achieve a common goal.

We believe to have a truly collaborative space, you should have physical space, tech resources, comfort and autonomy.

Physical space is important because you can’t just cram individuals into a tight space and expect great work to come out.  It’s a one way ticket to poor morale and low quality work.

Tech resources have enabled people to work collaboratively even when they’re not in the same room.  Services such as Zoom coupled with meeting rooms and multi-purpose screens enable staff to get together in a room to tackle the task at hand, without being shoulder to shoulder.

Lighting, sound, furniture and layouts all create the atmosphere of a collaborative space. Being able to work, while comfortable, especially in a constantly busy environment, is crucial for productivity.

Having an array of furniture and seating options gives individuals the ability to position themselves where they are best suited.  Cultivating a space for individuals ultimately leads to a space that caters for a group.

What are the outcomes of having a collaborative space?

If executed correctly, collaborative spaces offer a business various benefits. The most obvious being the ability for teams to work alongside each other, in an environment designed to promote productivity, efficiency and communication. Moving employees from isolating environments into a place which fosters collaboration and creativity will boost the quality of their work.

Collaborative spaces creates a positive and inviting company culture where staff can freely communicate while working rather than only limited to those elevator and water cooler moments.  Everyone can lock in to get the job done together.

Here at Next Gen Interiors, we firmly believe that collaboration is the way of the future and essential to keeping your business ahead of the curve.  If you’d like to discuss how to create a space like this for your business, give us a call or email us directly at

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