Soundproof Partition Walls

Sound Proof Partition Walls

Are your employees fully focused? Are their productivity levels through the roof? No? If your working environment isn’t inspiring and driving employees to get the most from their day, it’s time to reconsider your office space design. How can you create a more positive working environment? The key thing to consider is how you can better block out the hustle and bustle of the surrounding environment and enable employees to better focus on their work.

With that said, a sound rated wall could be a very smart addition to your work space. Increase employee privacy, focus and overall productivity by reducing the level of noise that distracts your employees so much.

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How important are sound rated partitions?

When you want to add a sound rated wall to your work space, you need to talk to the expert team at Next Gen Interiors. We’ve got the design expertise and experience to create the perfect sound rated walls for your work space. We’ll ensure that your sound rated walls enhance both the aesthetic appeal and the functionality of your office design, meeting all required health and safety specifications whilst also increasing employee satisfaction.

Sound rates walls may seem like a very simple addition to your office design, but they can go a long way to transforming your work space into a much more productive environment.

Doors affect noise

Careful consideration should be made as to which type of door is selected as part of the partitioning wall.  As it turns out, most doors will not be as effective at sound proofing as compared to the partition they are installed in. We recommend double-glazed acoustic doors as the most effective for soundproofing.

The position of a door should also be considered when designing the layout. We try to suggest positioning the door opening into a quiet hallway where people are unlikely to congregate.

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Let’s get to work

If you are in the process of soundproofing an office and would like to install a soundproof partition or room divider, Next Gen Interiors are experts in creating the most soundproof office partitions possible.

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