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How can you Improve Staff Meetings with better Office Furniture?

Office Furniture

Irrespective of the team size and the area of the total office space, it makes sense to be on the lookout for newer ways to enhance the office experience for your team members.

You might question the link between office furniture/fittings and team productivity, but it plays a role in the overall efficiency of the team. You need to have the best possible office fitout to positively impact the team/staff meetings. Let us see how.


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Improving the General Office

General Office furniture

Internal office meetings should be private and partitions is necessity, especially when you are operating different departments in the same office space. However, with a common office space that is the working unit of all the staff members, conducting a meeting becomes tough because unless it is a full staff member meeting, other team members not attending the meeting will be disturbed. Again, there will be business information that not everyone should be a privy to!

What can you do? The solution is to create a space within the general office space which lends a notion of privacy.

You can install a meeting pod for 3-4 people or clear some space to install a large meeting desk, making the staff members leave their usual desk space and seating at the large desk to get a semblance of a meeting room.

A dedicated meeting space, either through a large desk or through installing a meeting pod, will certainly improve the productivity of the staff members. Ensure that these should be distinctly different from the remaining workspace, either by colour or shape.


Improving the Meeting Space

office meeting space

If your office setup already has a dedicated meeting space, a lot can be done to improve its functionality. Why and how? Usually, we give a lot of attention in setting up the general office space, with a focus on attendance systems, smart lighting, noise management, ergonomic chairs and more.

The meeting room gets neglected, relegated to a position where the room has a centre table, few chairs, and a whiteboard – this is not an ideal meeting room.

You can improve staff productivity by giving meeting rooms a special fitout such as adding more greenery, updating the IT features, adding framed inspirational quotes, improving the lighting and more.

You can install desks to accommodate laptops and notebooks, few shelves for books, maybe a wall mounted screen for international conferences and a mic stage for presentations.

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Whether you operate out of your office or share a co-working space, the above ideas are worthy of implementation everywhere.

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